Just A Wife, Stumbling Through Life


Hello, fellow humans! My name is Katie, I’m married, and I have two wonderful boys. I have a day job as a bartender, and I blog here to help keep myself sane.

I, Katie Crawford, am an imperfect human. I’m messy, I often wonder if I’m screwing up the whole parenting thing, and I’m guilty of taking my wonderful husband for granted. Here’s the thing: we all make mistakes. I invite you all to join me on my blog and follow along as I share my favorite things with you.

How can I help you?

Well, it’s simple really; I offer something entertaining to spice up your everyday routine. I like to try new recipes, crafts, DIYs, and parenting techniques. Wanna hear a secret? I get bored very easily. You all are the ones who benefit from my boredom by being my wonderful subscribers. You’re the first ones to cash in on the fruit of my restless brain. Got an idea you want me to try? Let me hear it! I’d be happy to test something out for you and tell you all how it goes.